Following are some recent notes we’ve received from our guests – we thank your for your gracious words!

Dear Dana, Cecilia and Neil,

Thank you all for coordinating and hosting an absolutely wonderful evening! We couldn’t have been more pleased from the moment we arrived until the end. Everything from the food, the details of the room and the attentive wait staff was outstanding.
Please accept our sincerest thanks for making Marissa and Michael’s wedding celebration a night to remember!

Nancy and Chuck Ford
October 17, 2009 Wedding

Dear Sean,
It is rewarding when someone meets your expectations but it is highly unusual when someone exceeds your expectations. In this case, you and your staff at The Society Room far exceeded all expectations I had for Dana and Tony’s wedding on March 19. The venue was beautiful, the food was wonderful and the service was outstanding.

A month has passed since the wedding reception and we are still receiving compliments from both young and old that the affair was elegant and first class in every detail.

Please extend our sincere thanks to everyone at The Society Room for a job well done and for making Dana and Tony’s wedding day a day to remember.

David Bagdasarian (father of the bride)
March 19, 2011

Thank you so much for all your assistance with the wedding planning. The reception was amazing and countless guests told us that our wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to! The ambiance was awesome, the food was delicious and all the details we discussed were executed. We could not have dreamt of a better wedding. Thanks for all your efforts and that of the waitstaff. Everyone who worked the day of our wedding did a great job! I would highly recommend The Society Room to anyone I come into contact with who is planning an event. Thanks again for your efforts and please pass along my positive feedback to the chefs and staff as well.

Karen Hickey
July 18, 2009 Wedding

Dear Dana and Cecilia,
Quick not to let you know how terrific Lauren’s wedding was. We have to be honest, we were just a tiny bit skeptical (probably picked up on this) that The Society Room could meet our very high expectations and host a wedding that would surpass any other that we have attended. But…….you not only met our expectations, you surpassed them! We cannot thank you enough!

Cecilia, although you only got to meet with us a few times, you quickly picked up on what was important to us. From the facility, to the table settings, all of the extra touches, the staff (bartenders, servers, greeters all superb!) to the food, where do we begin to acknowledge all the extra effort you put into accommodate our requests? The extra touches to the cheese and meat table were so appreciated! The appetizers were a hit; everyone loved them, even those with “gourmet palates couldn’t say enough! The Penne a la Vodka, well yes, have to admit, the Italians from Montreal LOVED IT! The entrées, desserts (notably Italian Cookies and Angel Wings!) were all so well received. We can’t even think of a single negative or a “wish” that comes to mind. It all came together without a hitch!

Somehow, Cecilia provided the direction and oversight from behind the scenes that resulted in a completely seamless orchestration of a beautiful “symphony of food and festivity”. The number of friends and family calling, emailing, etc with compliments is mind boggling. Amazing how many people have commented on various details that I would have never thought that they would even pick up on but these things were all noticed and are being commented on (the helpfulness of the servers stopping what they were doing to help people; bartenders remembering what drinks individuals were ordering without even asking, etc)!!!

The two of you helped put together the complete package; none of this would have happened without you! Our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your patience, your responsiveness and your outstanding “delivery” of a truly spectacular reception. This truly will be an event we will never forget and not just because it was our daughter’s wedding. you are the BEST!!!

If you ever need references, please do not hesitate to use use!

Steve and Nancy Tiberio (parents of the bride)
November 14, 2009

There will be another formal thank you coming your way, but for now…I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how very special you all made our wedding.

You and your staff are just utterly AMAZING; really top notch. Everyone was so efficient, organized, and professional, while still maintaining a very personable friendly attitude. The food was unbelievable. Salmon cooked to perfection and the beef tender and juicy. Tons of appetizers-at my request- :) and the drinks kept flowing. Everything was just perfect. Desmond…he is truly wonderful in his role. He went above and beyond in his duties to make my night that much easier. He not only made sure the whole evening went smooth, but he moved our cars, packed all the belongings, gave me advice, got me extra appetizers, made sure dinner was to my liking ….I could go on and on. He is exceptional at what he does and I just want him to know how much we appreciated all his hard work. Michelle, our bridal attendant was wonderful. She was right there upon our arrival, on top of all our orders, again giving me calming advice, making sure I was happy, etc. Cecilia, Oh my goodness—I get nervous just thinking about her workload for such an event. She made herself practically invisible, but was behind the scenes was running the show. She was so the attentive to our every need and her beautiful arrangement of all our knick knacks was amazing. She knew exactly where we needed to be and when, and was so calm and casual about getting things done on time. Amazing just about sums her up. Sabrina—a calming spirit. She was there the day I dropped the extra things off and really just said the right things to help me get through the final last few days. She is really spectacular in her new role. Stefan—a true talent. I am a “foodie” and so my wedding had to be just perfect. He exceeded my expectations.

And Dana ….you. It is hard to put into words how truly wonderful you are at what you do. You, as well, go above and beyond what you need to. ALWAYS making sure we are happy. ALWAYS making sure we don’t have questions. So prompt about getting back to us. And most importantly, so, so, so genuine. You put so much effort in and it really shows. I remember the first day I called to see the venue. I called at 930 am and was down there at 10 and had it temporarily reserved at 11. You work wonders.

I have been to a lot of weddings as I’m sure we all have…but your venue is different. What sets you all apart is your constant dedication to your work and making your brides and their families happy. You couldn’t ask for a more dedicated, professional, genuine group of people. I hope you all realize how truly great you are and that you are all the reason why the Society Room is so wonderful. My wedding was a day I will never forget. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Lee & Patrick Shinoda
September 12, 2010

Happy New Year! I wanted a to take a moment to follow up with you on our wedding.

I was amazed the second that we stepped into the Society Room for our wedding reception. I thought every detail was taken care of (sandals, napkins, matches and the pictures) perfectly. The gentleman that was in charge of making sure Annie and I was taken care of all night did a fantastic job. I don’t think I ever was without anything I wanted. His attention to detail and caring for us all night was awesome. He made sure everything was perfect from the bridal suite, to the dinner, throughout the night. I am so bad with names; the lady that was in charge of the floor was great to. She made sure everything was right on time and it all flowed throughout the night. I could go on and on about how perfect everything was all night. I am speechless about the professionalism of the Society Room. But I will not bore you with everything. With a place like the Society Room, I am sure you get this all the time.

Here is a good recap of the top 4 things we heard from every guest that we had at the wedding:

  1. It is the most beautiful reception hall that they have ever been to for a wedding.
  2. They were the best appetizers that they have ever had at an event before.
  3. The dinner was the best dinner that they have ever had at a wedding before.
  4. It was the best wedding reception that they have ever been to.

I know that I sound a little repetitive with my comments above, but I am still hearing about how great and beautiful the Society Room was and how Annie’s girlfriends that are getting married will never be able to top this. Those 4 comments above mean a lot to Annie and I and the Society Room was really a stand above any reception that I have ever attended and I was in 12 weddings the last 2 years.

Once again thanks to you Dana that made this all happen for Annie and I and for being there at our every need and explaining things along the way to both of us. You were great and you really made us feel comfortable the entire time. I think it all starts with a great planner and you did a great job. I wish you were there, but I know you would have had a great time as well. Thank you again and to all the staff at the Society Room again for everything and for making our fairytale wedding come true.

Thank You,
Greg and Andrea Strouth
December 31, 2009

I am writing you this letter to tell you how please my wife and I are with the services we received during our wedding reception on November 6, 2010. The reason I’m addressing this letter to you is because you were the person I initially negotiated my contract with nearly two years ago in preparation for the wedding. Now, I have to admit, I had my doubts because the facility was brand new at the time with no reviews or standing history of business so it took me a long time to settle down and agree to have our wedding at your facility. Well, Jenn wouldn’t have the wedding anywhere else after she saw the ambiance of The Society Room.

During the course of the two years Jenn and I planned out our wedding and during this time I have had two friends attend events at The Society Room who told me the food was excellent and the service was even better. I felt a little more at ease and continued with the event planning for our big day. During the beginning of 2010, our wedding planner at Society Room, Dana Montanari, contacted me and explained the mock wedding to us so we may sample the food which would be served at our event. She told us the dates and we received our tickets. Jenn and I arranged to take our parents and on the night of we saw how spectacular our event was going to be. Dana greeted us and each staff member showed us how the meals and appetizers would look and taste. Our family received an inside view into how a wedding at the facility would run, and what a perfect night it was; A nice night out to dinner with drinks and a beautiful setting. From this day forward until our wedding I was completely confident in the abilities of The Society Room. Our dinner service, controlled by Cecilia, at the mock wedding was orchestrated perfectly and the food was delicious!

The week of our wedding I met with Dana and Cecilia, to go over details of the final proposal. Cecilia was very detail oriented and reminded me a lot of myself. She knows there are no “do overs” and wants each person’s day to be absolutely perfect. Cecilia made sure she covered all areas of the proposal and asked us if we needed clarification on anything. Dana was also exceptional and helped us with every aspect of the day right up to the last minute change before it started. Dana made arrangements for me to drop off items such as wedding favors and a photograph slideshow while she was multi-tasking with other events and phone calls.

When it came down to the wedding, I enjoyed every aspect of it. We were whisked into the bridal suite and catered to in every way. One of our main concerns was that the bridal party would starve in the suite while all the other guests were being served at cocktail hour. Well, we surely didn’t go hungry. We were served more drinks and food then we knew what to do with! Our bridal attendants were wonderful. We always had a full drink on our table and the staff always double checked with us before they served the food to our table in case we wanted to speak with more quests prior to eating our dinner. During the reception my wife, Jenn, was getting over a cold and had a cough from talking to people all day. She was beginning to lose her voice and was constantly drinking water. At one point during the night, our bridal attendant, asked her if she needed cough drops and then went into her own car and got some for her. It was the most thoughtful thing I saw all night. The fact that a server cared enough to get her own personal cough drops out of her own car and give them to my wife so she could continue to enjoy the night shows me that the level of services at this facility is far superior to all others. Cecilia, Dana, our bridal attendant, as well as the kitchen and waitstaff all went above and beyond. Jenn and I want to express our gratitude and make sure each and every person that worked this night is recognized for their addition to the memories on our wedding day. Jim, I truly thank you and the rest of your staff for their hard work, professionalism and dedication to delivering one of the best events many of my family members have ever seen. It has been nearly three weeks since the wedding and people I work with, family members and friends have not stopped talking about how it was the best wedding they have ever been to.

My uncle told me the wedding was and I quote “first class”. Please pass this along to the rest of the staff that worked that night and let them know we appreciate each and every one of them for what they did for us. Thank you all again from the very bottom of our hearts.

Matthew and Jennifer Moskowitz
November 6, 2010

Corporate Testimonials

Hi Jessica,
Everything went extremely well at the Cathy Malloy luncheon. Please thank your staff for me and THANK YOU very much for all your help in making this a successful event.. As always, you make us look good!

Metro Hartford Alliance

Cecilia was terrific – she helped me find a hotel room for my speaker at the last minute – above & beyond. Everything was beautiful – my group was very impressed. Would definitely come back.

Ann Marie
Zimmerman New England

The staff was wonderful and the food was outstanding! We received several positive comments from our guests. I was surprised at how many of our guests had never been to an event at the Society Room but all were very impressed. Thank you so much for everything! And please thank Desmond for me and the entire crew because they were all very helpful and accommodating.

Construction Institute

Jessica was great to work with. Everything we asked for was provided and she was so helpful through the whole process.

Dannel Malloy for Governor

I hold many breakfast and lunch meetings here and I am always pleased! Everyone is extremely helpful. The food is always delicious and presented in a beautiful manner.

Real Estate Finance Association

Hey Jessica,
All I can say is WOW. You do have an amazing staff and we really appreciate all the hard work and collaboration.

Chip in for a Cure

The venue is stunning and food always great. The staff is courteous and professional, which makes for an exceptional event. Last but not least, Jessica is a pleasure to work. I value her guidance and attention to detail.


You did a fabulous job. In all the years I have been planning holiday parties, I have never been more impressed.

ProHealth Physicians

Dear Jessica,
Thank you again for everything you and your team did to make Big Red for the Arts so successful. As always your team was professional, did a superb job, the food was amazing. It was fabulous working with you.

Greater Hartford Arts Council

Dear Jessica:
Thanks again to you and the staff at The Society Room for making our event a wonderful experience. Our members and their guests had a great evening and they absolutely raved about the venue.

Connecticut Women’s Council

Hello Jessica,
I would like to thank you and the staff of the Society Room for making our night a complete success! I personally received compliments on the food, facility, staff, and the whole atmosphere of our evening. Please be sure to share our praise with your staff and all involved for making a memorable night for our club.

Needless to say I am sure we will be looking to come back. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful facility and making my first Banquet as club President an absolute success.

President of CT Greys RFC